10 x IXOS 1004B10-100 Gamma Audio Cable - 1m

10 x IXOS 1004B10-100 Gamma Audio Cable - 1m

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  • High performance Gamma Audio cable
  • Gold Plated S-VHS Connectors ensure optimum signal transfer
  • High-grade oxygen free copper conductors ensures fast, error-free data transmission
  • Length: 1m
  • 10 Pieces | 5 Pairs (one pair contains one blue and one red cable)

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Product Overview
IXOS 1004B10-100 is a high performance Gamma audio video/DVD cable interconnect providing outstanding hi-fi. The cable is made using Teflon which gives the lowest dielectric constant, significantly improving three-dimensional depth. Brought to you from award-winning technology brand IXOS. It includes 5 pairs of cables, a total of 5 blue cables and a total of 5 red cables.