GrillMark Grill Basket / Broiler With Detachable Handle

GrillMark Grill Basket / Broiler With Detachable Handle

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  • GrillMark Grill Basket/Broiler with detachable handle
  • The perfect choice for any home
  • An ideal choice for use in the summertime
  • Has an adjustable tray which can be easily adjusted and can be used as a cover
  • Finish: Stainless Steel

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Product Overview
This fantastic BBQ grill basket set is ideal for summer parties and events. The handle is sturdy and can be locked in placed, which works in conjunction with the extra shelf included in the set. With the added shelf, it enables you to create a basket that can be turned around with ease, great for minimising the number of BBQ utensils. This set includes full instructions on how to assemble the grill. Material: Stainless Steel. Dimensions: Handle Length: 15cm. Basket: (Length) 32cm x (Width) 25.5cm x (Depth) 6cm.