Infantino Fresh Squeezed Mighty Mill Food Press-Food Pouch & Spoon Set

Baby & Child - Mighty Mill Food Press-Food Pouch & Spoon Set

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  • Infantino Fresh Squeezed Mighty Mill
  • Create on-the-go food purée in 3 easy steps! (See Image)
  • Use with fresh, healthy foods to offer your baby a variety of natural tastes and textures
  • Includes 1 Mighty Mill, 1 Puree Food Pouch and 2 Attachment Spoons
  • Contains all necessary instructions for use

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Product Overview

This wonderfully portable food press/baby food maker and travel feeding set is from leading parenting brand Infantino.

The Infantino Mighty Mill baby food press is the easiest way to transform your own home cooked meals into healthy and nutritious baby food.

It is extremely simple, easy to use, hygienic and dishwasher safe.

This set can be used in accompaniment to the Infantino Squeeze Station.

The benefit of this is that it allows you to puree food for your child when dining out: just pop a portion of your food in the tiny mill and twist to puree into baby food - simple!

With the squeeze pouch included you take the food you have pureed on the go for much easier feeding.

Compact and great for travel.

Colour: White/Purple/Pink/Orange.