UniBond Primer & Plaster Bonding Aid Contractors PVA Glue

DIY & Tools - UniBond Primer & Plaster Bonding PVA Glue

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  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Contractors pva glue
  • Measurements/Size: (H) 28cm x (L) 13cm x (W) 19cm

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UniBond Primer & Plaster Bonding AidContractors PVA Glue

This contractors PVA glue has been made by leading DIY brand Unibond. During the plastering and priming period of a professional or DIY project the use of contractors PVA glue will improve your result by having much greater adhesion between materials. This product will bond with most common building materials. The bonding aid is the professional choice for use on home building or restoration projects. This PVA glue comes in a 5 Litre bottle with a screw cap lid reducing spillage when transporting the solution. The bottle has a carry handle to reduce the strain of carrying the product around. For use with gypsum plasters. Dilutes up to 5:1.


  • Ideal for use on most surfaces, apply a neat coat and immediately make the bond
  • Easy to use


  • Brand: Solvite
  • Type: Contractors pva glue
  • Quantity: 1
  • Measurements/Size: (H) 28cm x (L) 13cm x (W) 19cm